Hildastrasse 9
8004 Zürich



Präsens Editionen is a Swiss publisher and music label, founded in 2011 alongside the launch of zweikommasieben Magazine. Since then they have released music on vinyl, cassette and in digital formats and have published zines, magazines, books and some oddities as well.

For their new online presence, the publishers wanted to move away from just a web store and instead become a platform where national and international artists are visually presented on the same level and without hierarchy. By doing so, they are hoping to achieve a kind of synergetic effect especially for the less known artists. To achieve this, the website is split into 3 parts: Präsens Editionen (Home), People and Products. While on the Präsens Editionen (Home) the information can be edited by the editors as they please, the two other parts are essentially lists, which can be organized by the visitors: People are either organized alphabetically or in no particular order. Products can be arranged through their medium.



Inspired by the work of a publisher who is essentially editing and highlighting the work of artists and writers, bold neon-colors were used for the design.

New logo for Präsens Editionen

New logo for Präsens Editionen

For the new web platform, a new logo for Präsens Editionen was designed, which refers directly to the name: Präsens means present in German, therefore PE is always in the now.

Most of the products published by Präsens Editionen are printed matter. On this platform they all live in the digital environment. As a reference to the analogue print products, the font White from abcdinamo was used, because it carries large ink traps.

The website was programmed by Frederik Mahler-Andersen and uses the Kirby CMS, with a custom made plugin to connect the CMS with Stripe.